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Tana during her first day at Yale

Tana is one of Rory's roommates in her freshman year at Yale. Tana is only 15 years old when she enters Yale. She is extremely smart when in comes to books and learning, but when it comes to social situations, she tends to be very awkward and says the wrong things. She also has trouble noticing her surroundings. After Emily comes in and redoes the dorm room, Tana just thought that the furniture appeared. Tana memorizes conversational facts that she can just whip out. Once she becomes comfortable with a person, she memorizes facts that are specific to that given person.

Tana is also adopted. She tells Rory and Lorelai that her parents make a very good impression.

Tana and Janet room together.

Tana is very interested in science.

She dates a boy who's father is an affluent scientist. The boy in question asked her out due to a change in her hairstyle.