Luke's Diner is the local hot spot in Star's Hollow owned by Luke Danes. Here, Rory and Lorelai get their daily fixes of coffee and all other kinds of great food

The diner was once a hardware store owned by Luke's father. After his death, Luke wanted to keep the hardware store, but turned it into a diner instead. Above the diner, there is a small apartment where Luke lives. Eventually, he buys the building next store and expands the apartment.

Luke, Caesar, and eventually Lane are the only real servers in the diner, though Lorelai and Rory take over for a short period of time when Luke's uncle dies. Luke rarely ever closes the diner. He stays open almost every day, even Thanksgiving. The only times he is noted as closing the diner are on his “dark day”, the anniversary of his father’s death, and during his vacation with Nicole.

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