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Sean Gunn Sean Gunn (Sean Gunn) is one of the many colorful residents of Stars Hallow. Throughout the series, Kirk is known as the fun-loving, goofy guy that changes jobs virtually every episode. His jobs are usually a bit absurd, and people often mock his professions. He lives with his mother but eventually moves out when he starts to date Lulu in Season 4.


  • Although Kirk mentions his family often, mostly his mother, none of them are actually seen in the series
  • In the second episode of the series, Kirk is known as Mick. In another episode he is known as the "swan man." He eventually takes on the role as Kirk.

List of his Jobs:

  • Beauty Product Salesman
  • Hockey Announcer
  • Mail Carrier
  • Tow Truck Operator
  • Cashier at the Beauty Shop
  • Cashier at Doose's Market
  • Firewood Supplier
  • DJ
  • Flower Delivery Man
  • Bracebridge Dinner Actor
  • Termite Exterminator
  • Video Store Clerk
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Parachute Stunt Jumper
  • Black, White, and Red Movie Store Clerk
  • Owner of Kirk's Diner
  • Giant Hot Dog, Advertisement for Dragonfly Inn
  • Dog Walker
  • Stilt Man in the Maze
  • Pizza Maker
  • Security Alarm Installer
  • Petty Cab Driver
  • Selling Estate Jewlery
  • Selling Christmas Wrapping Paper
  • Clerk at Weston's Bakery
  • Created and Sold Daily Slogan T-Shirts 
  • Bathmat Salesman
  • Created and Sold Custom Mailboxes
  • Photographer
  • Yummy Bar Tenders Owner